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Saturday 29 September, 10:30 am – 2:00 pm

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A taste of Asia – food tour

Join award-winning Taste Cultural Food Tours on a tasting adventure in Chatswood, Sydney’s newest and most exciting 'Little Asia'. 

Over the last few years Chatswood has grown into an exciting hub of authentic Asian cuisine and culture, attracting the best brands and unique family owned businesses. It is where Korea meets Hong Kong, with China and Japan just around the corner.  On this tasting and culture tour you will try the traditional and the modern, authentic and fusion, and tour tastebuds will be forever grateful. Taste some of the best Asian dishes on offer in Chatswood while you learn about the history of Chatswood and the culture of its residents.

This is far from your typical food tour! If you like exploring new cultures and communities and building relationships through food, then this is the experience for you. Let local guides share their secrets on the best places to eat, experience new cuisine and shop for the most authentic dishes and ingredients. 

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